WRL Competition and Expansion Kits

We are extremely proud to announce that in partnership with Servocity, we have created one of the largest and most comprehensive Robotics Kits available anywhere. For World Robotics League participants as well as for any robotics enthusiast, this kit offers you nearly everything that you may likely need to build a full fledged robot.

The goal behind creating this kit was to ensure that teams can get an extremely comprehensive set where they can build without restrictions.

The kit is of course fully FTC legal as well. In this kit we have hand picked and placed almost 3400 of the choicest parts from Actobotics catalog.  Compare this with the Tetrix Kit, which pales at a mere 800 or so parts and does not contain much variety. We also worked very hard to keep the price extremely competitive – the tetrix kit costs $775 – retail – if you don’t have a FTC team registered – this is the price you pay – whereas the WRL Competition kit costs about $850 with the educational discount which any team should be able to get  –  but contains nearly 4 times the number of parts. The WRL Competition kit will be offered as a base ($650) + expansion kit ($200) . The reason for the breakup was to allow cost conscious folks to be able to buy a smaller assortment of parts. However, we very seriously recommend purchasing both the base+expansion kit together since our goal in partnering with Servocity and creating this kit was borne out of our experience on what you will end up buying at high retail prices piecemeal over time. It is better to bite the bullet once and get nearly every part that you will need than buy a smaller set at lower cost and then stress out when you run out of parts very quickly during the competition season. If cost is a concern, consider that this kit will cost you about $1900+ in retail cost.

This is one element of our efforts to ensure that World Robotics League offers the very best robotics venue your Teams can get to and this partnership with Servocity is a step in that direction.

Anyhow, to avail of this amazing kit and pricing, you have to apply for an educational discount at Servocity ( Under the team name as well as in the description on that page, please mention “World Robotics League Team.”

The Base Kit: 
The Expansion Kit: 

Some of the expensive but critical pieces we added were – lots of 6″ D Shafts, tons of D-clamps, collars and motor mounts, more variety of servo mounts and Servo horns, tons and tons of C-channels including a boatload of 90 degree angle connectors, mini-channels and mini-beams.

Oh, and we included crazy amount of nuts, screws and spacers so you never run out.
Happy building and enjoy the new season of World Robotics League!

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