Soft Robots and electronics with 3D printable metal alloy

Every day brings brand new advances in the world of Robotics, be it in electronics, new way of creating awesome mechanical designs or amazing new ways of creating materials that make previously unthought of scenarios possible. Such an advancement is done with the use of a metal paste that can be used for 3D printing. To quote:

Researchers put nickel nanoparticles into the liquid metal, galinstan, to thicken it into a paste with a consistency suitable for additive manufacturing.

“The runny alloy was impossible to layer into tall structures,” said Yiğit Mengüç, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and co-corresponding author on the study. “With the paste-like texture, it can be layered while maintaining its capacity to flow, and to stretch inside of rubber tubes.

You can read the full article at Science Daily. 


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