2021 Challenge 1: Factory Automation Robot

Welcome to the 2021 World Robotics League Challenge 1

Registration is required once for the entire 2021 season. A team MUST be registered to be able to compete. This year, to help all the teams and students out in these difficult times of COVID-19, we will be providing a GRANT code to any team (existing or new) to be able to compete for free. Contact us at in case you need a grant code.

Latest Submission time: Midnight, April 8th, 2021 (UTC-8:00, US, Pacific Standard Time) 

Please look at the forums for updates and answers to the challenges. Get to the forums by CLICKING HERE.

Hello Everybody, Welcome to the Kickstart of 2021 World Robotics League challenges, with Challenge 1. Make sure to register for the season by clicking the register button.

Looking forward to your submissions and innovative solutions.

Craftsman Bronze Challenge (LEGO, VEX, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other equivalent MicroController or Microprocessor based)

To view and create the structures required in this challenge, download the assembly file (CLICK HERE) and unzip it. The file can be opened with the freely downloadable eDrawings viewer (CLICK HERE)

Note that this challenge comes with AMAZING Monetary prizes. The awards are mentioned in the following YouTube video. Winners will be announced approximately 1 week after the submission deadline and award will be directly sent to the Winners approximately two weeks after the submission deadline.

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