About Us

World Robotics League came about as a necessity to provide a forum where people could demonstrate true excellence in the field of Robotics. There are other competitions that are related to Robotics but most of them do not focus purely on Robotics and none of them focus on ensuring that people can provably demonstrate excellence.

Our goal with World Robotics League is to setup a platform where we provide obstacle courses, building challenges, precision challenges, environment sensing challenges, electronics, 2D and 3D static and dynamic environments and let kids and adults alike compete at various levels using any hardware platform and programming language that they wish to use. The sky is the limit and one is limited only by their imagination.

World Robotics League is a brain child of:

Rajeev Dwivedi

Rajeev is a Mechanical Engineer by trade. Rajeev finished his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering at IIT-Guwahati and his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at SMU. Rajeev rajeev-pictureloved tinkering with all sort of mechanical contraptions right from his childhood. A prime example is when he salvaged the gearbox from an old clock and used it to build a crane and at a later point of time, a harvester. His room was always full of various mechanisms in various state of completeness. For his term project in B.Tech at IIT-Guwahati in 1999, in the early days of computing and robotics, he created a voice guided robot that lit up the eyes of the faculty. Rajeev is a prolific inventor with 19 journal papers and has 5 patents to his name. Rajeev teaches robotics to Grade school kids in his spare time in Texas to further the cause of Robotics and STEM education.

Sanjeev Dwivedi

Sanjeev is an avid Robot Enthusiast and Do-It-Yourself aficionado and has had a lot of robotics experience teaching and building robots. He has been tinkering with all sort of Industrial Motors, Mechanisms, Microcontrollers and Microprocessors for more than 20 years. Sanjeev is extremely passionate asanjeev_picturebout pushing the kids beyond what they think is possible and opening their eyes to the world of inventions and entrepreneurship. Apart from Robotics, Sanjeev has great all around Computer Science knowledge. Sanjeev has built Apps for all Major platforms, has taught Computer Programming and Game Development using a variety of Game engines to all age groups. Sanjeev works with up and coming Game entrepreneurs and Cloud compnaies and shows them the ways to succeed. Personally, Sanjeev has owned and run 3 startups and is well versed in the art and intricacies of Entrepreneurship. Sanjeev has 8 patents and 2 conference papers. Sanjeev is a Computer Science Major with an undergrad B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT-Guwahati and an MS in Information Security from GeorgiaTech. Sanjeev can often be found speaking at Computer Conferences around the world. You can follow Sanjeev on twitter or via his technical blog.

To contact Rajeev or Sanjeev, drop a mail at