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If you want to start a chapter of World Robotics League®, email us at

Impact of World Robotics League® on other competitions:

  • Collectively between our Washington and Texas chapters, we have 20 teams that participated in World Robotics League® competition. The teams that participated consistently and put in the effort over the year did exceedingly well in First Lego League. Out of 20 teams, 17 were in the top 10 scorers at each competitions. The remaining 3 teams were composed of very young kids and still managed to be within the top 15. To put things in perspective,  each time one of our teams competed in First Lego League, they were competing against 40-50 teams of kids up to grade 8. The three teams that were in the top 15 were made up of kids grade 2-4!
  • More than 50% of the teams advanced to State Semi-finals and a majority of them made it to State Finals.
  • Our teams won the following awards on top of being the highest scoring teams:
    • 2x – Regional Championship awards
    • 1x -Exceptional and Innovative Research Awards
    • 1x – Robot Performance Award
    • 1x – Core Values Award
    • 1x – Robot Innovation and Strategy Award
    • The judges complemented our teams for being exceptionally well prepared including comments like “The best explanation of a Proportional Algorithm” that they had ever seen.

Benefits of starting a local chapter:

  1. You become early adopters of World Robotics League® and benefit from highly engaged kids. We had kids come and demand where the new challenge was when we got delayed by a week!!
  2. Consistent, throughout the year engagement with clear measurement of progress.
  3. You get notified of any new challenge as it is announced so you can keep pace with the latest developments
  4. The build guide for the challenges on best ideas is provided so you are in control for the challenge.
  5. You get to benefit from the combined experience of very highly skilled coaches and mentors with years of experience.